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Alexander Zaidelson serves as Advisor in CIRTech Fund.

Prior to joining CIRTech, Mr. Zaidelson served as Vice President of Product Management at WeFi Inc., a network connectivity and customer behavior analytics company.

While at WeFi, Mr. Zaidelson spearheaded the company's pivot to customer behavior analytics, overseeing creation of leading data products that are unique in the industry. The products created by the team helped WeFi win major clients in mobile application space. WeFi was ultimately acquired by TruConnect Inc.

Prior to WeFi, Mr. Zaidelson co-founded Nareos, a mobile peer-to-peer company that pioneered content and video sharing on smartphone in the pre-iPhone era.

Mr. Zaidelson also founded  Wikitup, a visual desktop dictionary company that was acquired by iMesh. Entrepreneur at heart, in the course of his career he also served as co-founder or adviser to a number of start-up projects.

Mr. Zaidelson holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from St. Petersburg State University and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.