TEAM / Israel


Managing Partner

Mr. Mil-Man is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CIRTech Fund.

Prior to that Mr. Mil-Man was President of RUSNANO Israel and led Israeli investment activities of RUSNANO, a multi-billion dollar fund owned by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Mr. Mil-Man experience includes hands-on roles as high level executive and board member in Israeli, US and other international public and private companies.

Mr. Mil-Man has vast business experience in strategic deals, partnerships and financing, as well as in various non-profit initiatives.

During his long diplomatic career in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Mil-Man held several senior posts, serving as Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Ambassador to Azerbaijan and other high-ranking positions.

Mr. Mil-Man holds a B.A. in Political Sciences from Tel Aviv University and has completed his Post Graduate Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.